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updated Fant Genealogy book
Date: Jul 13, 2020 2:00:31 AM PDT
Author: jplunkett

Has anyone considered doing an updated
genealogy version on our family? Mine was
inadvertently left off after the mention
of my great-great-great grandfather, William
F. Fant (145), son of James B. Fant (132).
None of Wm.'s children were documented. Wm.
was also a Civil War veteran, 44th S.C.
Infantry, Co. D., and this wasn't
mentioned, either. It could be no one
returned any information to the author
when it was requested. Mountain folk can be
a bit suspicious so that wouldn't surprise
me in the least. It would be nice to have an
updated version with people that are still
alive for this current generation. I'll show
my age and point out that the youngest
generation in the current book are now old
enough to either be my parents or much older
siblings. I'm now technically old enough to
be a grandmother myself (let's pray that
doesn't happen any time soon). Catching up
on the last generation, introducing this
current generation, and getting started on
our next would be fun to read
about. Also, as a random, the site called
Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland
and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties has
someone named Virginia Fant b.<1706 as
William's father. There's no source to back
this up and I do find it odd the name
matches the state, almost as if the name
isn't known so they plugged in the name of
the state as a filler. Would anyone know
anything about
this mysterious Virginia? I haven't
completely dismissed him as there's no proof
that he's NOT his father. But I can't add
him to the family because there's no proof
that he is. Was it decided if George was the
earliest Fant to step foot in America? I
couldn't really tell how that discussion
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Date: Jul 17, 2020 7:33:05 AM PDT
Author: John

I think it would be an excellent idea to
do an update on the fant family. Maybe
Bruce Fant ( son of author of the green
book)may know more on this. I would
imagine it would be an immense workload
though. Maybe an online family tree where
people can input relatives to fill the
gaps may lessen the research required.
Hopefully somebody reading this will know
more on
this topic.
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Update Fant Genealogy Book
Date: Mar 16, 2021 5:00:27 PM PDT
Author: Bill.fant

I would be happy to fill in family names for
my small branch of Fants.
Our family has long wondered about William's
roots, him being the first Fant in the Green
Book. Was his father George? Was George from
Ireland? Thanks for any help you can

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